Seidensha Australasia supplies a range of High Frequency Welders to suit various requirements. Special features of Seidensha's welders are:

ARC SUPPRESSOR - Electron tubes attached to the machine works automatically when sparking occurs and immediately cuts the high frequency to supress any arcs and to minimise damage to the electron tube, die and the material.

INTERFERENCE PREVENTION - With implemenation of a frequency stabiliser and a high frequency leakage suppressor, these devices prevents leakage of electric waves to avoid interference with other frequency bands (wavelengths).

SAFETY DEVICES - When the current exceeds its limit, the over-current relay works to protect the oscilliation tube and rectifier. Additionally, any frequency deviation caused by faulty-operation can be avoided.


Specifications for High Frequency Welders.

Picture Gallery of various High Frequency Welders. (3/4 kw, 7 kw, 15 kw and overhead models)





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